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Price Change Notice

Thank you for you for supporting Steve St. Pierre, RMT. Your business is appreciated! 

Please be advised that effective January 1, 2024, our prices will be increasing slightly, and we will be offering a new 75 Minute Therapeutic Massage category:

30 Minute Therapeutic Massage - $50.00

45 Minute Therapeutic Massage - $60.00

60 Minute Therapeutic Massage - $80.00

75 Minute Therapeutic Massage - $115.00 (NEW)

90 Minute Therapeutic Massage - $130

All prices include HST.


Your partner in wellness


Every day, we lead busy, stressful lives.


Most of us don't realize the strain we put our muscles through on a daily basis: holding our necks at a funny angle, compensating for a sore knee, or even walking in shoes that strain our muscles. Whether you are sitting in a chair, on your feet, or a combination of both, your body needs help to remain fully functional, aligned, and ready to take you wherever you need to go.

Steve's philosophy is simple: he is your partner on your wellness journey. Trained in therapeutic massage and specializing in treatments for sports injuries, chronic pain, and muscle tension, Steve can work with you to create a health and wellness plan that will restore your body's natural functioning and help you to feel your best from the day of your massage until your next appointment. With flexible scheduling and personalized treatment, he makes it easy to invest in your health.

Steve offers insurance receipts that can be submitted to many private and employer health plans for partial or full reimbursement. He also offers direct billing to your insurance company when available.


Make Time for You.


Steve St. Pierre


Steve's passion is helping people. He has been a self-employed Registered Massage Therapist for 14 years and values hard work, dedication, and determination. In previous locations, Steve has worked alongside a Family Physician and a Chiropractor, gaining tremendous knowledge and experience to complement his massage therapy training.

Also a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, Steve has worked in the fitness industry since 1999, enhancing his understanding of the human body. His professionalism, enthusiasm, and knowledge allows him to provide the best possible care for each individual client.




1214 Ottawa Street, Unit 103

Windsor, ON  N8X 2E6



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